Our Story

For Soul Searchers, Dreamers, Lovers, Wanderers…

Heart & Soul Mandalas are mandala artworks created by me—Darryl Butler.

I have been making mandala artworks since around 2006, mostly as large scale wall art, using his own large format printers—paying meticulous attention to design and produce every piece.

Mandalas have helped me with increasing personal awareness and connecting with my individual sense of spirit.

As a natural outcome of my interests, talents and ideas the mandala designs became beautiful jewelry—something more decorative and personal—to be enjoyed by many more people.

My passion for mandalas also led me to create the venture Wedding Mandalas

Heart & Soul Mandalas make mandala-focussed glass pendant jewelry that helps people connect with their sense of purpose, to encourage their passions and achieve their goals. The mandala pendants act as a kind of personal guide, a talismanic presence that can help you connect with your sense of spirit and internal being.

For Soul Searchers, Dreamers, Lovers, Wanderers…I wish you well on your journey.